53 Free DIY Birdhouse & Bird Feeder Plans that Will Attract Them to Your Garden

If you're a gardener, you might think that birds are a pest for your garden.

Most of them are not.

In fact, some birds like the Bluebirds, Chickadees, and Nighthawks are one of the best natural pest controls; they eat insects like moths, bugs, plant lice, caterpillars, etc.

That's why having birds in your garden is beneficial. They will make your job much easier.

Plus, who wouldn't like a sound of happy birds in your backyard?

That's why today I’m bringing you lots of different birdhouse plans and ideas that you can build for your feathered friends. Most of these can be built in one day with less than $30.

Let's get started.

1. Simple Birdhouse Plans

Simple birdhouse plansSimple birdhouse plans

This birdhouse would be a great project for someone of most any age and carpenter skill level. It is the basic style of a birdhouse.

But it could still fit into any home. And also stand out as much as you’d like with different paints and designs. So if you are looking for a project to do by yourself or even with a child in your family this would be a good place to start.

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2. The Easy DIY Birdhouse

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

This birdhouse is another traditional style. It, too, would be a good fit for a beginner carpenter or even as a small family project. It would be one that you could likely include small children in as well.

And it also gives simplified detailed instructions which makes the build that much easier. So if you would like simple birdhouse plans that you could design to fit your taste then this one could be it.

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3. $1 Modern Birdhouse

1-dollar birdhouse plans1-dollar birdhouse plans

This little birdhouse is a modern style but very simple house. It would be a great project to do with your kids.

And what makes it even better is that it should be able to be done for around a dollar. This site gives great instructions. And the project can be painted and made very unique to fit each home or child that would create it.

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4. The Beginner Birdhouse Plans

beginner birdhouse plansbeginner birdhouse plans

This is another traditional yet easy birdhouse to build. The site does a great job of giving directions on how to build it as well.

So this would be a great fit for someone new to the world of carpentry. It would actually be a good project to test your skills out on. And the birds are sure to love it.

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5. The License Plate Birdhouse


Are you a fan of license plates? I have a few people in my family that are. And if so, then this is a great birdhouse design for you.

So the site does a great job at explaining how to build this. But it is definitely not one that will blend in. It will stand out and be as unique as the license plate you choose to build it with.

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6. The Small And Simple Birdhouse


This birdhouse immediately triggered fond memories for me. My grandmother had birdhouses in her backyard and this one looks very similar to some she had over the years.

So if you’d like a small, traditional style birdhouse then you will probably love this one. The building instructions are very detailed. And it would be welcoming to many little birds that would sing in your backyard.

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7. The House Sparrows Box


This is a unique birdhouse. The reason being is it is meant to hold house sparrows. And it can actually accommodate up to three breeding pairs.

So if you love house sparrows and would love to give them a comfy nest to reproduce then this might be a great option for you.

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8. The Bluebird Birdhouse


When I was growing up my great-grandmother absolutely loved birds. She had a big book full of birds that we were allowed to look at.

And she even used that book to help us identify certain birds. Well, my absolute favorite was the blue bird. So needless to say I like this birdhouse plans because it is built just for them.

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9. The Cute DIY Birdhouse


This birdhouse is cute (just as its name implies.) It would hang beautifully from most any tree. And its shape gives it a unique flare.

So if you are looking for something modern and unique then this birdhouse would probably fit your design taste.

Build this birdhouse ›

10. DIY Bluebird House


This is another birdhouse built especially for the bluebirds. Which means, if you are like me and love them then you’ll probably love this birdhouse.

And it is also a traditional design which many enjoy. But the blog has this birdhouse painted beautifully so it would stand out. Hopefully, that will give you a few ideas on how to make this birdhouse your own.

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11. The Log Cabin Birdhouse


Do you love rustic décor? Well, this little birdhouse would fit in perfectly. It is unique and would look beautiful in any yard.

So if you’d like to add some rustic charm to your property then give these birdhouse plans a try. Your feathered friends are sure to love it.

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12. The Green Roof Birdhouse


This birdhouse is very unique. It begins with the basic style of a bluebird birdhouse. Then it adds a unique touch by adding a living roof to the birdhouse.

So if you like the look of sod houses then why not add a birdhouse that would fall right in line?

Build this birdhouse ›

13. The $2 Cedar Bird Feeder


This little birdfeeder follows a traditional design. But it is made out of beautiful cedar. And I am actually a huge fan of cedar wood. I think it makes everything look like home.

But what makes this bird feeder even better is that it is only $2 to build. So if you need a cheap family project you might have just found it.

Build this birdhouse ›

14. $2 Birdhouse Plans


This $2 birdhouse is obviously awesome because of how frugal it is to build. But it also is a great looking design too.

So if you like the traditional look of a birdhouse then you’ll love this one. It appears easy to build and is easy on your wallet too.

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15. The Modern Birdhouse


Not everyone loves everything to look rustic or old fashioned. And you know what? That’s okay. If you like the more modern design of houses then you’ll love this little birdhouse.

So this birdhouse plans would go great at any home. But it will stand out because of its unique design. Go ahead and give it a try.

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16. Birdhouse With Night Lights


This birdhouse is beautiful. It follows a traditional design but it is painted a beautiful color. But what makes it even better is that it will light up in the night with night lights.

So if you are looking for something that will add beauty to your property whether it be day or night then this birdhouse could very well do that.

Build this birdhouse ›

17. The Bowl And Plate Bird Feeder


This birdfeeder is very unique, and I love it! The top is a plate and the part that the birdfeed actually fits in is the bowl.

So if you are looking for a different and inexpensive craft then you’ll want to check this one out.

Build this birdhouse ›

18. The $2 Birdhouse


These are birdhouse plans that would be great as a family project. It is very inexpensive and the design is very simple.

So if you’d like a fun project to try out with your kiddos then give this one a try. It even includes pictures of unique ways you can paint this birdhouse to really make it your own.

Build this birdhouse ›

19. Cedar Double Birdhouse Planter


What goes better together than birds and flowers? Well, this planter helps you to combine the two in a beautiful way.

So you’ll have your birdhouses on either end and your beautiful flowers growing in between. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in then definitely check it out.

Build this birdhouse ›

20. The DIY Classic Birdhouse

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

This little birdhouse is indeed a classic. Being able to build your own birdhouse is a classic family idea as well.

So if you like the idea of having that experience with your kids then don’t pass up these birdhouse plans.

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21. The One Board Birdhouse

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

If you are looking for simple and inexpensive, well, I have it right here. This birdhouse can literally be built from one pine board.

And it also has a simple design that makes it very easy to put together and have a functioning birdhouse in no time.

Build this birdhouse ›

22. The Backyard Birdhouse


This birdhouse is so unique. It doesn’t appear to be as simple as some. But if you are experienced in the area of carpentry and want something that looks really cool then you’ll definitely want to check out this birdhouse.

And it would look beautiful in a garden, in your front yard, or even posted in your backyard too. And the website says it costs around $20.

Build this birdhouse ›

23. DIY Bluebird House


So if you are looking for a simple birdhouse that is cost efficient and efficient around time constraints then this could be a good option for you.

And it is also meant for bluebirds. Which are great little birds that will brighten up any yard?

Build this birdhouse ›

24. The Basic Birdhouse

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

So let’s say that you are looking for something that will just blend into your yard. You don’t really want anything fancy. Nor do you want anything that will even stand out as rustic.

Well, look no further. This little birdhouse can be a secret hideaway for your feathered friends. And if you place it on your fence your neighbors probably won’t even notice it’s there.

Build this birdhouse ›

25. A Simple Birdhouse Plan


This little birdhouse is super easy to build. And it isn’t fancy either. But if you are looking for something that will serve its purpose then this birdhouse could very well be it.

And you can easily nail it to a tree in your front yard and watch your bird friends visit all day long.

Build this birdhouse ›

26. The Wren Birdhouse


This birdhouse has a unique look to it. And I bet you never guessed it was meant to be built for a wren, did you? Well, it is. And because of their small stature, it can be built at a different angle with an elongated roof.

Build this birdhouse ›

27. The Easy Oriole Feeder


This feeder is meant for Orioles. And it is so simple that a child could probably build it by themselves with proper adult supervision.

So if you love these little birds and would love to have an easy attractant then this birdhouse could certainly be it.

Build this birdhouse ›

28. The Chickadee House


This is a great PDF full of wonderful information. If you are curious about chickadees well this article not only tells you how to build them the perfect house. But it also tells you what you’d like to know about the chickadees themselves.

And I love the design of this house. It is very simple and would be appealing to most onlookers. But it also has a unique charm about it that would add character to any home.

Build this birdhouse ›

29. The Teapot Birdhouse

teapot birdhouse plansteapot birdhouse plans

This is an absolutely adorable birdhouse. The actual birdhouse itself looks like a teapot. Then it stands as though it is pouring something into a teacup.

So if you want something that will add charm to your yard or garden then this would definitely fit those criteria.

Build this birdhouse ›

30. The No Woodworking Birdhouse


If you aren’t much of a woodworker that’s okay. You can still have a birdhouse. And it’s a modern one to boot.

So if you’d like a pleasant place for the birds to gather around your home give this one a look-see. You might be surprised at how nice (and easy) this one appears.

Build this birdhouse ›

31. A Simple Birdhouse Plan


This woman actually created a birdhouse and then went back and drew up really nice birdhouse plans so you could make an awesome (and simple) birdhouse too.

So if you’ve been looking for some easy to read birdhouse plans to help you build a nice looking birdhouse then look no further.

Build this birdhouse ›

32. The Pallet Birdhouse


If you hadn’t guessed from my other pallet posts, I love pallets. And this birdhouse is exactly why. You can take a sturdy, practically free material and turn it into something completely useful and wonderful.

So if you are like me, and absolutely love pallets then check this birdhouse out. Hopefully, you’ll be thrilled with it and add it to your ‘pallet wish list.’

Build this birdhouse ›

33. Recycled Milk Jug Birdhouse


If you really love birds, but you are really on a budget then this birdhouse is for you. Or if you really love birds but are really into upcycling then, again, this birdhouse is for you.

And all you need is a jug of milk to drink and you can practically have a birdhouse once you have finished it off.

Build this birdhouse ›

34. The Window Birdhouse

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

I love this idea! And I also love the post. They did a great job of explaining how to build this birdhouse in just enough detail.

And they also give amazing pictures to help you visualize what they are saying to you. So if you like the idea of being able to watch birds from inside your house then this is a great option for you.

Build this birdhouse ›

35. A Variety Of Birdhouses and feeders


This site gives you a variety of birdhouse plans and bird feeders to choose from. It is a great resource for you to kind of get a feel for what you’d like and what you wouldn’t.

So if you aren’t quite sure exactly what you want in a birdhouse then give this site a try. You might get a few clues along the way.

Build this birdhouse ›

36. Wooden Bird Feeder Birdhouse Plans

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

This is an adorable bird feeder. I love the traditional style of it. But I also love the paint job. They made it look very appealing visually.

So if you are looking for something super simple that can still add some charm to your house then this birdhouse could be it.

Build this birdhouse ›

37. The Scrap Bird Feeder


Do you have wood scraps left over from another project? And you really don’t want to toss them, but you are sick of them being in the way?

Well, put them to good use by creating this bird feeder. It will utilize them and also make something that is very functional around your home.

Build this birdhouse ›

38. The Nesting Shelf


Maybe you want something a little different than just a regular old birdhouse. Well, if so, then you’ll like this idea.

So it is basically an open birdhouse, which is referred to as a nesting shelf. The birdhouse plans are very detailed and it appears to be a simple project.

Build this birdhouse ›

39. Peanut Butter Jar Birdhouse


Do you eat a ton of peanut butter around your house? We do! I actually have shown you how to make your own peanut butter in this post.

But I digress, so if you have an empty jar of peanut butter don’t toss it. Instead, make it a home for the birds around your house.

Build this birdhouse ›

40. A Wine Cork Birdhouse


Have you collected a lot of wine corks over the years? I know a lot of people do. Well, instead of letting those corks go to waste, turn them into something functional.

And in this case that functional piece of equipment could be this birdhouse. It looks adorable, unique, and I’m sure the birds will love it.

Build this birdhouse ›

41. The Birdhouse ‘Book’

birdhouse-book-pdf birdhouse plansbirdhouse-book-pdf birdhouse plans

This is basically an online book all about the different birdhouse options you could build. Which makes this an awesome resource for someone who isn’t quite sure what they are looking for or even what is available.

So if you’d like a one-stop shop for birdhouses this could be it. They offer a lot of information that will hopefully help you to build the birdhouse you were hoping for.

Build this birdhouse ›

42. The Birdhouse Church


I love this design. It is adorable and looks very antique. Basically, what they did is created a birdhouse to look like an old church.

And if you are like me and love the rustic feel of ‘old timey’ décor then this will be right up your alley.

Build this birdhouse ›

43. The PVC Nest Box


This is a very original idea. This site shows you how to use PVC pipes to build a unique nest box for your neighborhood birds.

So if you have some PVC pipe on hand or are even looking for a less expensive material to build with then this might be a good option for you.

Build this birdhouse ›

44. The Cardboard Milk Carton Birdhouse


This is a great craft idea to try with the kids. If you want an easy activity to keep them busy and out of trouble then use an old cardboard or plastic milk carton.

And create a birdhouse out of it. Then the child can help decorate the birdhouse. Hang it up and let them have a great time observing nature.

Build this birdhouse ›

45. The Picket Fence Birdhouse


This birdhouse would be a great way to use up an old picket fence. Or you could even do this one on a budget. Basically, all you need is one fence picket.

And in this case, they used a cedar picket. But you could use any picket you’d like and transform it into a beautiful and functional birdhouse.

Build this birdhouse ›

46. DIY Nesting Shelf


I really like the idea of a nesting shelf. And this one is really adorable too. You can use a wide mouth bucket or pale of some sort and then hang it up on the side of a tree or solid post.

But what makes this design so cute is that they actually painted a metal pale. It looks super simple but would still pop in any yard.

Build this birdhouse ›

47. The Tall Texan Birdhouse


This birdhouse is referred to as the ‘Tall Texan’ because of its height in comparison to most birdhouses. If you’d like to attract a larger bird, or even if you feel like the smaller birdhouses wouldn’t do your neighborhood birds justice.

Well, then give this birdhouse a try. It has a traditional style and would still look great and blend into most any yard.

Build this birdhouse ›

48. Side Mounted Birdhouse With Side Entrances


If you’d like to hang your birdhouse off of the side of something then this birdhouse would be a good option.

And to make it even better, they offer different angles of side entrances for the birds too. So give this unique option a try.

Build this birdhouse ›

49. The Martin Birdhouse


If you are a fan of the birds called Martins then this birdhouse is for you. This birdhouse is very appeasing to the eye.

And this site does a great job in providing detailed instructions on how to build it. As well as offering great pictures to help you along the way.

Build this birdhouse ›

50. The Gourd Birdhouse

Gourds are amazing plants. They will take over the area you plant them if you aren’t careful. But they can be used for lots of amazing things.

And this birdhouse is just one example of that. So if you have a gourd and aren’t quite sure what to do with it, follow this linked post and you could have an adorable birdhouse in no time.

Build this birdhouse ›

51. Clay Pot DIY Birdhouse


Do you have an old clay planter that you aren’t using anymore? Well, if so, give it a second wind. You can do this by creating a beautiful birdhouse out of it.

And to add to its character, be sure to paint it with some stencils and make it a one of a kind.

Build this birdhouse ›

52. The One Board Birdhouse

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

This is another easy DIY project that would be great for a beginner carpenter or as a family project. You will need one board and follow the instructions on the post.

And you will be well on your way to having your own unique birdhouse. Just think of all of the beautiful visitors you will get.

Build this birdhouse ›

53. The Simple Birdhouse Plan

birdhouse plansbirdhouse plans

This birdhouse is a traditional build. But it is still very beautiful in its own classic way. And the instructions pride themselves on being easy to follow.

So if you need a traditional birdhouse that is easy to understand how to build then give this one a try. It could be what you’ve been looking for all along.

Build this birdhouse ›

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