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41 Autumnal Apple Recipes That You Will Immediately Fall In Love With

Apples have got to be one of the most versatile fruits in regards to the seasons. In spring and summer they are crisp, sweet and refreshing, but in my opinion, it is in autumn when they seriously come into their own.

Paired with all those festive spices like cinnamon and cloves, apples are the base for a whole world of autumnal treats, both sweet and savory. Whether you stew them, bake with them or drizzle them with sugar, spice and all things nice, you are sure to have yourself the most delicious of dishes.

Get ready for a whole lot of yumminess, and a whole lot of caramel. Technically because apples are fruit, they're still good for you even when covered in sugar, right?

Autumnal Apple Recipes

1. Apple and Blackberry Pie

As the colder months roll in, you really cannot go wrong with a humble and hearty homemade apple pie.

I love that the juice from the blackberries in this pie makes the apples turn a beautiful pink color, and the top of the pie is stunning. You could leave out the fancy lattice work if you wanted to, to make it even more effortless.

2. Glazed Apple Fritters

These just look like little pillows of absolute heaven. Like doughnuts but more light and fluffy, these glazed apple fritters are packed full of delicious cinnamon apple and drizzled with a whole lot of goodness.

3. Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are an absolute must have at this time of year. Whether you're making them for kids or just as a little indulgent treat for yourself, I love this recipe with its different toppings, like sea salt or nuts.

They're not essential, but I think the natural tree twigs give these particular apples an authentic edge over others.

4. Grandma's Iron Skillet Apple Pie

This iron skillet apple pie would go hand in hand with a big dollop of ice cream.

It is so aptly named, as apple pie always reminds me of sitting in front of the fire at my Granny's house and her sitting a still fresh slice down in front of me.

5. Apple Pancakes

These delicious looking apple pancakes would be perfect for an autumnal dessert, or even as a sweet breakfast if you were really wanting to start your day with a treat.

The almond crumble adds a crunchy texture, to perfectly balance out the fluffiness of the pancakes and that soft spiced apple.

6. Mulled Wine Two Ways

Now, everyone loves a steaming cup of mulled wine in the colder months, and the fact that this recipe tells us how to achieve that in not one, but two ways, wow, how spoilt are we?

This looks absolutely perfect for serving up at a party and impressing your guests, I certainly know that that's what I'll be doing.

7. Baked Apples with Onions and Gruyere

If even just the thought of these baked apples with gruyere doesn't make you salivate then you have desirable levels of self-control.

The sweetness of the apple paired with the saltiness of the cheese just sounds like a match made in apple heaven.

8. Streusel-Topped Apple Pie Muffins

These streusel-topped apple pie muffins are so many good desserts rolled into one, perfect for an indecisive person like myself. The creamy inside looks like the best of surprises, and an interesting alternative to simply icing the cakes.

Why settle for one dessert when you can make a mix?

9. Apple and Brie Pizza

Apple and Brie sound like the ultimate choice of sophisticated pizza toppings. You won't find any takeaways with an option as yummy as this one.

This would be perfect to serve up if you're cooking for many people, for lunch, dinner, or even just an afternoon snack, and it is destined to please.

10. Baked Apple Pie Fries with Salted Caramel Dipping Sauce

I think that these baked apple pie fries look like a lot of fun. It is an amazing and inventive twist on the traditional apple pie and a yummy idea for kids and adults alike.

Salted caramel is the perfect addition to almost any dessert, I can imagine myself licking the pot after the fries were finished.

11. Apple Sauce

I don't understand why anyone would buy apple sauce over the festive season when making your own is so simple and undoubtably even more delicious.

Making your own also means that you can adapt it to your own taste, adding a pinch of cinnamon here or some extra lemon there.

12. Butternut Squash, Apple and Fennel Soup

Soup is one of my favorite things in the world, all year round, but especially as the weather gets colder. Butternut squash soup is one of my favorites, so I can't wait to give this recipe a try and see how apple and fennel make it even better.

13. Tarte Tatin

There is no denying that the French know how to do good food, and the famous tarte tatin is no exception.

This sweet caramelized apple top sat on a bed of flakey pastry is sure to wow guests, and they will never believe that you made it all by yourself in just over an hour.

14. Brussels Sprout and Apple Quiche

Quiche is always a crowd pleaser, and this one packed full of apples and festive brussels sprouts are sure to be a winner.

One of its many beauties is that it can be eaten fresh and warm, or cold the next day and it will be just as spectacular. Good luck having any leftover though.

15. Baked Cinnamon and Sugar Apple Chips

These baked apple chips look like the most simple but delicious autumnal snack that anyone could ever dream of. All you have to do, is chop, sprinkle, and pop in the oven.

I love the addition of the sugar and cinnamon for that extra sweetness, but you could easily leave it out if you wanted to go for something healthier and leave them au natural.

16. Hot Buttered Apple Cider with Rum

If this hot buttered apple cider with rum doesn't just sound like a hug in a mug then I am not sure what does.

This might become my new holiday cocktail, with the sweetness of that apple cider ranked up a notch with the rum.

17. Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Resisting the effort to make these cheesecake bars right this second is causing me a lot of pain. I have the world's sweetest sweet tooth, and to me, these look exactly the same as heaven does in my dreams.

I think you would struggle to find someone who didn't like these, although if you do you should keep them around, as that means more for you.

18. Apple Creme Brûlée

This apple creme brûlée recipe even looks autumnal, the caramelized sugar on top really reminds me of a bonfire.

Creme brûlées are always fun, with the spectacle of cracking the sugar on top to reveal the creamy dessert underneath, and I can imagine that the addition of apple would make this even more enjoyable.

19. Irish Apple Mash

If you want a simple but delicious alternative to regular mashed potatoes, then look no further than this creamy Irish apple mash.

This apple mash would be perfect paired with a pork dish or piled high with sausages and gravy on top.

20. Sparkly Apple Slab Pie

‘Slab' is one of my favorite words when it comes to food. A slab of meat, a big slab of chocolate, and this apple slab pie is no exception.

I love the addition of the sugar on top to give that sparkly effect. This would look perfect as the centerpiece of a tasty autumnal spread.

21. Apple Toffee Blondies

Blondies are such a nice twist to brownies, and I love the swapping of chocolate here for rich toffee, apple, and spicy cinnamon.

The frosting makes a nice addition too, adding a layer of sweetness to the tart apple.

22. Sticky Apple, Sausage, and Bacon

The best kinds of winter recipes are those where you can bung everything into one dish and pop it into the oven, without hours of preparation and juggling ingredients.

If that sounds like something you love, then this sticky apple, sausage and bacon recipe will be right up your street, with minimum effort providing maximum enjoyment.

23. Caramel Apple Doughnuts

These mini caramel apple doughnuts look like so much fun. You could get so creative with colors and toppings, and this would be a great one to get your kids involved in. The only problem is that the miniature size makes them far too easy to keep eating on after the other.

24. Apple Chicken Cheddar Galette

A galette is like pie for the non-perfectionist bakers. Change up the usually sweet recipe this autumn and go for this apple chicken cheddar galette.

This looks absolutely divine, and I can imagine a big slice of this tasting amazing for any meal of the day.

25. Toffee Apple Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and butter pudding always reminds me of my parents, and I think they would love this take on the classic, with the addition of the perfect pairing that is toffee and apple.

This topped with cream, ice cream or even some good old custard would make the perfect winter warmer dessert.

26. Toffee Apple Jam

What better way to change your morning routine from summer to autumn than by making sure the jam you spread on your toast is toffee apple flavored.

This is a fun way of taking something so iconically autumnal like a toffee apple and changing it into something that you can use in multiple different ways.

27. Grilled Cheese with Bacon, Apple, and Sprouts

It's hard to beat a good grilled cheese sandwich, but I think I might have found a way with this grilled cheese with bacon, apple, and sprouts.

The addition of the apple here takes the grilled cheese that we all know and love to a whole new fresh and crunchy level.

28. Apple Cinnamon Bread

I am a big fan of banana bread, but now that I have discovered this apple cinnamon bread it might just take over.

One of the things I love is the versatility of it. You could eat it warmed up with a dollop of ice cream, as a sweet breakfast treat, or as a handy snack on the go.

29. Kale and Apple Soup

This kale and apple soup not only has that all-important autumnal apple, but also bacon and a nice scoop of mascarpone cheese. What more could you possibly wish for in one bowl?

30. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Cookies are always the perfect snack, but in the autumn months, the idea of a cookie straight out of the oven is even more appealing.

I love the look of these apple cinnamon cookies, and always love the texture that oatmeal gives to a bake.

31. Twice-Cooked Pork Belly with Cider Sauce Recipe

Nothing goes better with the word ‘pork' than the words ‘twice-cooked' in my opinion.

I can just imagine the whole family around the table, knitwear galore, tucking into the spectacular feast that is this twice-cooked pork with cider sauce. I think this would go perfectly with some hearty roasted potatoes.

32. Spiced Pumpkin Porridge with Caramelised Apples and Pecans

This porridge looks like the most autumnal way that you could possibly start your day.

With a recipe that includes both pumpkin and apple, along with a whole lot of cinnamon, all your autumn favorites are marrying together in one dish that will prepare you to take on the harshest of winter weather.

33. Chocolate Apple Slices

I am a big fan of these chocolate apple slices as an alternative to whole chocolate apples. They are so much easier to eat and less likely to leave your face absolutely covered in chocolate.

You could easily replicate this recipe with caramel or any other coatings for that matter, and cover it with all the yummy toppings you would imagine.

34. Apple Roasted with Root Vegetables

The best part of the colder months is undoubtedly the roast dinners. These apples roasted with root vegetables would be a perfect component along with your choice of meat, and of course liters of gravy.

You could even use these on Christmas day, or for Thanksgiving.

35. Apple Flapjacks

Flapjacks are some of my all-time favorites, they are so easy to make, are extra delicious and last for ages.

I am so excited to switch up my usual recipe to this one and think the apple will add the most welcome flavor.

36. Apple Spiced Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Cupcakes are always the easiest bake to whip up while still looking impressive, and these apple spiced cupcakes definitely tick both those boxes.

Using cream cheese for the icing is a nice touch. I always find that it adds so much flavor to the cake, whereas regular frosting runs the risk of being overly sweet.

37. Mustard and Apple Chicken Bake

This mustard and apple chicken bake looks so yummy, and I can just imagine pouring it over the top of some fluffy mashed potato after a chilly day.

The warm mustard and apple flavors make it feel autumnal, and the chicken would remain wonderfully moist cooking in amongst all that heavenly sauce.

38. Hot Baked Cinnamon Apples

Baked apples are a classic, and these hot baked cinnamon ones, piled high with ice cream, look like the perfect comfort food.

As in the photo, you could add your own twist to this recipe, with additions like pecans or granola.

39. Apple, Celery and Onion Stuffing

It's never too early to start trying and testing your stuffing recipes for the big day on December 25th. This one is easy to make, and the flavors of the apple, celery, and onion all mix well together without creating something too powerful. After all, the meat is the star of the show.

40. Apple Crumble

Being the British girl that I am, there really is no beating a proper traditional apple crumble and custard as far as I am concerned.

This particular recipe is a great one, with oats added into the topping to create some extra texture. My own little tip to make it even more spectacularly seasonal would be to add some cinnamon into your apple mixture.

41. Fresh Apple Pie Granola

This autumnal apple pie granola recipe acts as an acceptable way to have dessert for breakfast every single day.

One of my favorite ways to eat granola is with yogurt and honey, but you could easily eat this one on its own as a healthy snack, that's how good it is.


The variety and number of autumnal recipes that feature around apples highlights exactly why they're right up there in the seasonal food rankings. They match perfectly with such a large number of ingredients, from pork to pies and from kale to caramel.

With all these recipes you could fill your day from start to finish with apple goodness. Start off with the pumpkin and caramelised apple porridge, have an apple flapjack as a midmorning snack, then lunch on a big bowl of butternut squash, apple, and fennel soup. Give yourself an afternoon boost with a caramel apple cheesecake bar, before treating the whole family to a twice-cooked pork belly with cider sauce before, then ending the day with a toffee apple bread and butter pudding.

Which of these recipes do you think will become your new staple this autumn? Do you have any of your own apple recipes you can share with us? Feel free to add your comments below.

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