Mi mono para el recién nacido (con la descripción) – la Labor de punto para lo…

Mi mono para el recién nacido (con la descripción) – la Labor de punto para lo…


Mi mono para el recién nacido (con la descripción) – la Labor de punto para los niños – el Pa

40 Free DIY Farmhouse Table Plans to Give a Rustic Feel to Your Dining Room

Farmhouse style decor is hot today. Even people who live in urban areas are decorating their house with this style. It's because the farmhouse style will bring the warm feeling to any home.

If you want to get started with farmhouse decor, one of the easiest ways is with a farmhouse dining table.


Because some of the best memories a family can have come from conversations and activities that happened around the dining table. My best memories are definitely times I’ve spent preparing food for canning around our kitchen table.

That's why it's the best place to start.

But there's one problem: farmhouse furniture are crazy expensive.

Which is funny because if you're a crafty one—and on a tight budget—you can actually build a DIY farmhouse table without spending a lot of money.

For that reason, today we're going to give you 40 farmhouse table plans and ideas from all over the internet.

1. The Bright Kitchen Table

fht1fht1 When I first saw this table I immediately felt like it belonged in a room with lots of windows and fresh breezes blowing through.

And it is the solid wood top with the white legs that give this kitchen table a brighter feel. So if you’d like a farmhouse table that brings a breath of fresh air with it then this could be it.

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2. DIY Farmhouse Table

fht2fht2 This table doesn’t have the same finished look that many tables do. But if you are like me and love the rustic appeal then you’d probably adore this table.

And it appears to be extremely sturdy which is really important if you are planning on having many years of memories made around it. Or if you have a large family like I do.

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3. The Large Farmhouse Table

fht3fht3 I need this table in my life. I’m being serious. It holds up to 8 people and is beautiful to boot.

So if you need to have plenty of seating while also having a rustic appeal in the process then this table just might be what you’ve been searching for.

Build this table ›

4. The Outdoor Farmhouse Table

fht4fht4 This is not your traditional farmhouse table. But if you love to entertain and have a beautiful outdoor living space then you might really love and need this table.

And it is big enough to hold most any size family. Which is great news for people that have a lot of people to join them around their table.

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5. Farmhouse Table With Bench

fht5fht5 I love this table. It looks so welcoming and can hold quite a few people as well. To me, having a large kitchen table equates to having a welcome spot for many to come and gather.

So if you want this type of space in your home then consider this table. The bench makes for a comfortable space to eat or talk for hours.

Build this table ›

6. The Rustic Farmhouse Table

fht6fht6 This table is absolutely gorgeous. I love how they took mismatched chairs and placed them around it. It certainly gives this table even more character.

But I also love how simple the build appears. The design is basic and sturdy. Which would make this a perfect table for anyone as long as they had some carpentry skills.

Build this table ›

7. The Easy Farmhouse Table

fht7fht7 The design of this farmhouse table is one that even those with very little carpentry skills could master.

And it holds quite a few people as well. So if you desire a simple table with the farmhouse charm then consider this table.

Build this table ›

8. The Wide Farmhouse Table

fht8fht8 This farmhouse table is extra wide. To be honest, I think it would be an amazing table to have to serve Thanksgiving dinner on.

And you wouldn’t need a leaf or anything of the sort. You could literally fit a full spread on this giant table.

Build this table ›

9. The Gigantic Farmhouse Table

fht9fht9 Farmhouse tables are supposed to be big. But this one absolutely takes the cake. From what I see, you could easily fit 10 people around this one table.

But obviously, this would take a larger kitchen or dining room to hold it. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of space. But if you do then go for this table. It’d be hard to outgrow.

Build this table ›

10. The Cherished Table

fht10fht10 This table is so unique because of the different accents they added to it. But yet simple enough that it could be easily built.

So if you need a table that will be easy for you to build regardless of carpentry level. But still able to be dressed up to fit your unique style then consider this table.

Build this table ›

11. The Double Bench Farmhouse Table

fht11fht11 I love benches at tables. We actually have one at our kitchen table. And the reason is that it is so easy to slide in as many people as necessary.

But I also love how simple the design of this table is. It is classic and gorgeous. And could be made as modern or as rustic as your tastes desire.

Build this table ›

12. The Simple Farmhouse Table With Benches

fht12fht12 This is another farmhouse table that I adore because of the seating and design. I love the design because of how simple it is.

And I could imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to build. But I love the seating too because of the benches. It seems to have a welcoming feel to it.

Build this table ›

13. The Modern Farmhouse Table

fht13fht13 This is an extremely basic design for a farmhouse table. It would be very easy for almost anyone to build.

But they added a modern twist to a simple design with the seating. So you could make this table as rustic or modern as you preferred.

Build this table ›

14. The Simple White Farmhouse Table

This design is another that appears to be rather simple to build. The chairs are a little more complex. But with the right carpentry skills, you should be able to build them just fine.

However, this table stands out a little more than some of the others because of the wooden top and painted legs. So if you want a farmhouse table that might stand out a little extra then consider this design.

Build this table ›

15. The Simple Farm Table

fht15fht15 This table is another one that is very basic. The table design itself looks super simple. And building the bench doesn’t appear that challenging either.

But the chairs could be purchased or built depending upon your carpentry skills. So if you’d like a table with plenty of seating and a simple design then check this one out.

Build this table ›

16. DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

2-leg-style-farmhouse-table-plans2-leg-style-farmhouse-table-plans This table looks very easy to construct. Plus it comes with two different styles of legs. So you can choose which style suits your needs the most.

But if you are someone that is looking for something that is easier to build then this style would probably suit you. And it would be gorgeous in almost any style of home.

Build this table ›

17. Rustic Table With Wood Top

fht17fht17 Let’s say you are someone like me and like things to look a little rustic and worn. Well, then you’ll probably like this table.

And I say that because it has a beautiful wood finished top. But the legs have a distressed look which often fits in well with the rustic, country charm.

Build this table ›

18. Basic Double Bench Farmhouse Table

fht18fht18 This table is another design that looks easier to build. But it also has plenty of room for lots of guests too.

And with two benches you could always have room to squeeze in a few extra people if needed. So if you are looking for a simple table that will match any home interior tastes then this could be it.

Build this table ›

19. The Round Farm Table

fht19fht19 This table is a little different from what most have in mind when they think of a farmhouse table. But it is still sturdy and nice to look at.

So if you don’t have a kitchen with room for a long rectangular table then you might want to consider this design. It still has farmhouse charm just in a different shape.

Build this table ›

20. The Smaller Farmhouse Table

fht20fht20 This farmhouse table still packs all of the charms of the bigger tables but would fit in smaller areas. And it has the cute benches to accompany it.

So if you like the farmhouse style but don’t have a tremendous amount of kitchen space then give this style a glance. You might find it is just what you’ve wanted.

Build this table ›

21. Farmhouse Table Island

fht21fht21 This is a really neat idea for people with limited kitchen space. If you like the farmhouse style then you’d love this design.

But this table can double as a kitchen island. So if you don’t have room for a larger table then consider this one that could actually serve two purposes.

Build this table ›

22. The Larger Farmhouse Table

fht22fht22 This is a table that would take a larger kitchen or dining area. But it sure is beautiful. It has a solid wood top.

And the rest of the table is painted a beautiful white color. It gives this table an antique feel. So if you have space and love furniture that feels like an antique then check this one out.

Build this table ›

23. Classic Farmhouse Design

fht23fht23 This classic farmhouse design is one that will probably never go out of style. It is very functional with the bench seating. And it will allow for many people to gather around this table.

But it also looks very simple to build since the design is simple. So if you need a functional table that will offer classic charm then consider this design.

Build this table ›

24. Large Picnic Design Farmhouse Table

fht24fht24 This table reminds me of a picnic table. It doesn’t have the built-in benches. But the top of it is laid out like a traditional style picnic table.

But that is the really neat thing about this design is that you can add a different style chair with this design and give it a more modern flare.

Build this table ›

25. The Simple Farmhouse Table

fht25fht25 This is another design that is super easy. So if you are someone that is new to the idea of building things yourself then this might be a good place to start.

And though the design is simple it is still a gorgeous table. You could add some decorative touches to the chairs to add a little more character if you desired. But if not, it would be a gorgeous addition to any home as is.

Build this table ›

26. The 6-Seater Farmhouse Table

fht26fht26 This farmhouse table is shown as seating 6. But in reality, you could add a couple of chairs at the end and seat at least 8.

So if you need a beautiful larger table to fit in your dining room then this could very well be it. And the design is super simple which is a nice bonus.

Build this table ›

27. DIY Farmhouse Table With Extensions

fht27fht27 So you’d like to have a farmhouse table with plenty of room when needed. But that it could shrink in size when you don’t need the added space.

Well, we’ve got you covered with this table. This table has leaf extensions that can be added when needed and taken down when not in use.

Build this table ›

28. Shanty 2 Chic Farmhouse Table

easy-farmhouse-table-planseasy-farmhouse-table-plans This table is absolutely gorgeous. It is one you’d envision when planning the ideal rustic outdoor wedding.

So the idea that I could eat at this table every night probably excites me a little too much. But if you have space in your kitchen for it, you could have this gorgeous piece of furniture included in your daily life too.

Build this table ›

29. The Domestic Heart Table

fht29fht29 This table is another very simple farmhouse design. And that is great news for those that would actually have to construct this masterpiece.

But it is also large, functional, and very pretty to look at. And it would fit into just about any design scheme of any home.

Build this table ›

30. The Every Day Farmhouse Table

fht30fht30 This table reminds me of the table you saw in the famous, hit show The Waltons. I’m a huge fan of that show by the way.

But I digress, this table would be very functional to any size family. And something that could be used regularly. As well as add charm to any style kitchen.

Build this table ›

31. The Large Simple Farmhouse Table

fht31fht31 I love this table. I love how simple the design is. And yet it still packs so much beauty into one table.

And I also love how it could hold quite a few people around it. But anyone who had to actually construct this table would be in love because the design is eloquent while easy.

Build this table ›

32. My Dream Farmhouse Table

fht32fht32 This table is absolutely gorgeous. Again, it would require a larger dining space but if you have it available then this would be a great way to fill it.

But it also is another design that would be easier to build so your carpenter would certainly thank you.

Build this table ›

33. Smaller Farmhouse Table

fht33fht33 This is another smaller farmhouse table. But it stays true to the design while not taking up an astronomical amount of space.

And it could still seat up to 6 people. So if you love this design but don’t have a larger dining space then give this option a glance.

Build this table ›

34. The Everyday Farmhouse Table

fht34fht34 This farmhouse table is another one that would be great for everyday use. And it would also add a lovely bit of charm to your kitchen.

So when you are busy cooking and doing all of the other daily chores around your kitchen you would certainly have a great work space and a beautiful piece of furniture to look at in the process.

Build this table ›

35. The Basic Shanty 2 Chic Table

fht35fht35 This table is a super simple design. If you are someone that is new to the world of carpentry, then this might be a good project.

But it would also be a great piece of furniture to add to your kitchen. And it would certainly add a touch of charm to your home as well.

Build this table ›

36. The Multi-Purpose Design

fht36fht36 This table is a great design. For starters, it is another easy design that your carpenter would surely thank you for.

But it is also versatile. I use my kitchen table for eating, playing cards, homeschooling, and working a lot of days. This table would be well suited to handle any of those tasks. Which makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

Build this table ›

37. The Traditional Farmhouse Table

fht37fht37 This traditional farmhouse table is what you might think of when you think of the term ‘farmhouse kitchen table.’

And it is roomy but also simple. Which makes it a great addition to almost any home. That way you could have as much space as you needed. But the fact that it isn’t a complicated build makes it a priceless piece.

Build this table ›

38. A Basic Farmhouse Table

fht38fht38 This is another example of what a traditional farmhouse table is. It appears to be very easy to build. Which is a bonus within itself.

But it also can hold quite a few people. Or be spread out so you can make it a traditional table which sits four. This table has plenty of possibilities which would make it a fantastic piece for most any home.

Build this table ›

39. A Modern Farmhouse Table

fht39fht39 This farmhouse table has rustic charm but could still easily blend into a modern home. And provide ample seating space in the midst.

So if you live in an older home or maybe even a brand new home and have the desire to have a farmhouse table then consider this one. It is gorgeous and could blend in anywhere.

Build this table ›

40. The Picnic Farmhouse Table

fht40fht40 This table has boatloads of character. So if you don’t want a traditional kitchen table then you should definitely give this table a glance.

And if you need lots of space this table can provide that as well. This table literally can provide functionality and character in one package.

Build this table ›

Well, you now have 40 different options for your future DIY kitchen table. Hopefully, you have found one that would fulfill your needs for character and functionality.

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