Outstanding new born information are offered on our site. Have a look and you wo…

Outstanding new born information are offered on our site. Have a look and you wo…


Outstanding new born information are offered on our site. Have a look and you wont be sorry you did. #newborn

DIY Farmhouse Plywood Flooring for (a Little Over) $100 in 7 Easy Steps

It was a steamy summer day when we first stepped foot onto our homestead.

At the time, it was a piece of overgrown land with a double wide trailer on it that was deemed uninhabitable. We got a killer deal on it and just like that we put our money down and purchased our future homestead.

However, the house had no floors. Only subfloors.

It wreaked of dog urine. Was extremely outdated. Had been foreclosed on twice.

Basically, they needed a ton of work. But we didn't want to spend more than a thousand bucks. So today I want to tell you how we created awesome floors in our kitchen for a little over $100.

Here we go—

What You’ll Need

  • Plywood
  • Nail Gun
  • Nails
  • Sander
  • Table Saw
  • Stain

1. Get the Idea

You might be wondering why we decided to create our own floors. Well, truthfully, we were on a budget (as always), and we a new kitchen.

So we trotted off to our local home improvement store and thought we would just purchase some quality laminate flooring. Now, understand that we did lay cheap laminate floors when we first moved in, but they cracked very easily.

And when we measured our kitchen and compared it to the cost of laminate flooring, we soon realized we would be spending almost $600 just on flooring. That didn’t include the padding that went underneath.

So this was a huge issue as we only had a $1,000 budget!

Well, we went to Pinterest and started looking for DIY floors.

And that is where the idea of rustic farm floors was born. There were some videos and articles on how to do these a little differently than we did but I feel like our method worked great, was efficient, and very much cost effective.

2. Measure and Buy

Next, you’ll need to measure the space that you are wanting to apply the wood floors to. You can learn how to properly measure your floors here.

For us, the measurements were 15×8.

So once we had our measurements in hand, we trotted off to our local home improvement store. We purchased already sanded plywood.

However, you could purchase the cheaper option which is the rough cut plywood. It is about half the price but does require a lot more sanding. My elderly mother in law lived with us at the time so we had to be snappy on getting our house back together.

So it was worth the extra price to us. But that is completely up to you at the time of purchase.

Then you’ll need to be sure to purchase a nail gun (as it makes your life a ton easier.) Here is a great resource to help you learn nail gun safety as we are not liable if an accident occurs during this project.

Also, purchase the appropriate nails needed for the project. One pack should do the trick as it doesn’t take many nails to nail the boards down securely.

Next, you’ll need to purchase a table saw if you don’t have one. Or use the one you have if you do. We were lucky that we already had all of the necessary tools on hand.

And the same goes for a sander.

3. Cut Your Plywood

Here's a nice video on how to break down plywood:

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